Unicorn Pinata

Browsing around to find items for a magical themed birthday party I came across these beautiful unicorn pinatas

Alternatively, I discovered that there are quite a few options to make a home made unicorn pinata yourself if you are particularly crafty. Check out this guide on ehow for full instructions on how to make a papier mache version yourself.

And just for fun, how about these images of other people’s unicorn creations on Flickr:

Have a great party!

Mario Bros Birthday Cakes

Are you looking for ideas for a Mario Bros Birthday cake? You’ve come to the right place! I have collected together some of the most amazing Mario Bros cakes on the web. The creativity and skill of these cake makers astounds me! You’ll also find ideas for easy to copy cakes as well as links to where you can buy the supplies you need to make your own Mario Bros cake.

Mario Bros Cake

Mario Bros Cake by Nutmeg Confections on Flickr

Although the shape of this cake above is actually fairly simple, the fondant decorations would have taken an awful lot of time and a reasonable amount of skill to create. Depending on your own fondant modelling abilities you may or may not be able to recreate this yourself. If you are slightly unsure about your ability to create something like this, just creating the basic structure and background and then adding some tiny Super Mario Brothers Figures could be an effective alternative.

Alternatively, for a really simple cake, how about this 1-up mushroom? Perfect for a Mario Bros party and really simple to create!

1-up  mushroom mario bros cake

1-up Mario Bros Cake From Graciepoo on Flickr

Start with a 9″ cake and carve the mushroom shape from it. Then layer with a layer of buttercream icing. Then cover half the cake (the front face part of the shape) with a layer of white fondant. After perfecting your Fondant Icing green color cover the cake except the face in green icing.Add some white fondant circles to form the spots. Finally, take an icing pen and create the eyes. Simple!

Have a look at these other inspirational Mario Bros Cakes:

Super Mario Bros Cake

From Cake Girl On Flickr

From Cake Girl on Flickr

Whichever cake you decide to make it’s likely that you’ll need both Fondant Icing and food colours. These Wilton Icing Colors, Set of 12 work the best in my experience when it comes to colouring fondant icing.

Also: Don’t forget your other party supplies!

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Party Pack for 16 & 16 Favor Boxes

Have a wonderful party!

Last Minute Halloween Treat Ideas

Are you looking for Halloween treats or Halloween cupcakes ideas? Have a look at these quick and easy last minute Halloween treats.

If you are anything like me, working every hour, and squishing things into the tiny cracks of time in your life, you might just be looking for some ideas for things that are quick and easy to make but look fantastic for this Halloween. This Halloween cookie pan might just save the day for you. Just buy a simple cookie dough (or make one for yourself if you have time) pop it into this tray and voila, Halloween cookies! (Top Tip: Spray the tray with cake release first and it helps them to come out more easily)

If you are feeling really adventurous you could always ice them too to make them look even more creative….

Need more ideas? Have a look at this page on Halloween cupcakes

American Girl Party Ideas

I’m very excited to tell you that after a long wait I have finally discovered American Girl party theming items that come in a convenient pack. As a mother of a daughter currently OBSESSED with American girl (she wants historic doll Rebecca for Christmas) I can see that we will probably be having a party like this soon!

This pack includes (12) dinner plates*, (12) cups*, (16) forks, (16) spoons, (12) solid-color activity placemats, (12) napkins with rings*, solid-color tablecover, foil balloon, (18) balloons (3 colors), curling ribbon (3 colors), crepe paper rolls (3 colors), cake candles and confetti.
*This is an officially licensed American Girl product.

American Girl Crafts - Deluxe Party Pack for 12

American Girl Crafts – Deluxe Party Pack for 12

Remember to tell your child’s friends to bring their American Girl doll!

Chuggington Party Favors

Are you holding a Chuggington Birthday party and looking for some Chuggington Party favors? After months of searching for Chuggington Official merchandise I finally found what I was looking for! These Chuggington Party boxes are fantastic and come with a Chuggington sticker sheet, a flashing train key ring, train whistle, mini spiral lollipop and train squirt toy!

Chuggington Party Favor Box

For many, many more Chuggington Ideas, why not look at this Chuggington party page

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