1st Birthday Party!

1st birthday party ideas Your baby’s first birthday is such a celebration! This page will give you ideas to make it perfect….

A baby’s first birthday party, whilst a celebration for them, is also about the adults in their life. You may be celebrating a year of being a parent, or you may be celebrating a year since you added to your already beautiful family. Whichever it is it is a truly memorable occasion and one that most people love to make a huge fuss over!

The first thing when considering your party is to pick the colors. For most people (and simply to make it easy) a blue or pink theme works well, however you can choose any color you want.

To send out invitations to your friends (or the birthday boy or girls friends!) why not look at some of these alternatives? Click the images for where to buy information:

If you want a photo of your precious one included, how about these beautiful personalised invitations? Perfect for celebrating their first year of life! These are more expensive than standard invitations but include all of your child’s details, as well as a photo of your choice. They make a wonderful keepsake.

First Birthday:  100 Personalized Birth Announcements

First Birthday: 100 Personalized Birth Announcements

Once you’ve thought about your 1st birthday party invitations it’s time to think decor! Working with the colors that you have picked you can either go for balloons, streamers, or bunting to create that perfect look for your home or party venue. One important thing to remember with children’s birthday parties is safety. Whilst the party is all about fun it is important to make sure that it is safe too. Therefore decorations such as streamers etc should be placed where little fingers can’t get hold of them. Similarly with balloons. Ensure that they are either floating on the ceiling where little hands can’t grab at them or make sure that the ribbons you attach to them are not long enough to be a choking hazard.

These streamers are a great way to make your party room look inviting and set the right tone…

Alternatively if you like to make things easier for yourself, these wonderful packs include everything that you need for your party and you can add on extra bits and bobs that you need…. Included in the basic pack shown are 8 invitations, plates, cups, forks, spoons, hats, napkins, tablecover, centerpiece, foil balloon, 18 balloons with curling ribbon, crepe paper rolls, a 1st birthday candle and cake candles. Not only that, but they come in boy and girl versions to suit either sex!

1st birthday pack

1st birthday pack

If you are really going to town check out these utimate packs… I don’t think they include a kitchen sink, but I can’t be sure!! (There is also a boy’s version… click on the image for more information and to be able to click through to a boy’s pack- this post will be just too long if I include everything!)

1st birthday pack

If you prefer to do your theming yourself rather than to buy a pre made pack there is a whole world of ideas on how to theme your party.

Firstly, how about some balloons. These #1 balloons are great fun and will instantly create a party atmostphere in your party room

Magenta #1 Balloons (6)
Royal Blue #1 Balloons (6)

Oh and to keep them up in the air don’t forget the helium canister! When I first started arranging parties I would always have the balloons delivered on the day, pre-filled with helium, which was an easy but expensive option. These days I am more likely to get a helium canister and use it to blow the balloons myself, which is surprisingly quick and very easy to do.

Once you have the balloons, start to consider the party tableware. There are a multitude of beautiful baby plates and cups, from the sophisticated and simple to the “themed for kids” items that small children love. In my experience although small children love a little theming one year olds are too young to fully appreciate it. At this age it is probably more important to pick something that you yourself like as your little one will probably not have a preference at this stage other than for bright and stimulating colors.

One thing that looks absolutely gorgeous for a first birthday party is a decorated highchair. By the time your child is a toddler they may not want to sit in a highchair any more so make the most of this whilst it lasts! Decorating your highchair will meant that it looks fantastic in the pictures too! Also your child will be enthralled by the difference in their highchair and realise that this must mean that something special is happening.

As for the cake… you want something that bost adults and children alike can enjoy. Wilton make some fantastic number 1 party cake tins as shown below if you are a dab hand at baking.

Alternatively there are some wonderful cake toppers available if you prefer a simple cake. This beautiful topper below has both a keepsake and a cake topper included; something that your little one can treasure forever.

Have a wonderful first birthday party!

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