Angry Birds Birthday Cake and Cupcake Ideas

My children are Angry birds crazy at the moment, and I must confess to having a small addiction to it myself following a long flight to London a few weeks ago. So, I wasn’t surprised to be told by my nephew that the most popular party cake amongst his friends at the moment is an angry birds birthday cake.

To help you with your own angry birds cake and cupcakes I have collected together pictures and resources on this page to give you ideas. Let me know in the comments box below if you have any other great ideas to share with other readers.

Firstly, for inspiration, have a look at these images from Flickr of other people’s fantastic creations…

Angry Birds cake Angry Birds Balloons and Cake! Angry Birds cake

To see possibly the most extravagant playable angry birds cake ever just watch this video…. and what a dad!

Depending on the time you have available and how proficient you are, why not make your own playable cake? Start with a plain square or oblong cake, covered in a grass green icing. Add a playable set of toppers something like this: (they have used white icing, but I think green would look much better)

Amazing 20 Piece Birthday Cake Topper Set with 15 Building Blocks, 4 Boulders and Unique Catapult Launcher

Then add a few angry birds characters which fortunately are easy to find online at the moment:

12 Angry Birds and Pigs Figures Set

And viola, an angry birds cake.

Alternatively, if you prefer cupcakes for your party, these toppers below can be added either to cupcakes or used as pictured here as a topper for a large cake (again, I think a green icing would be more appropriate)

Angry Birds Cupcake Toppers

Have a wonderful Angry Birds Party!

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