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Cupcake boxes

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Like half of the women in the western world I have something of a cupcake fetish. I don’t just love eating them, I love baking them, looking at them, even reading about them.

However, despite having tried endless cupcake wrappers as well as baking cups, sprinkles, even the most divine cupcake stand ever, I hadn’t until recently fully incorporated cupcake boxes into my party planning repertoire.

Well, that has all changed.

Often when planning a children’s birthday party the kids don’t actually touch the cake, even if it’s a work of art. It’s heartbreaking to see the lovely cakes and cupcakes that just go to waste despite having cost a fortune in time, love and money.

However, with cupcake boxes, I have discovered that you can pop a cupcake (or a piece of cake) into the box and send it home as part of the party favor bags.

Have a look at these little beauties…

White individual cupcake boxes work very well for parties with girls and boys. You can even add personalised stickers to seal them shut, or stickers that match the theme of your party if you prefer.

Darice 1404-281, Cupcake Box with Window, 12-Pieces

These boxes below come in a huge array of colors perfect for matching your party theme and suitable for both boys and girls. With a clear top you can see the cupcake inside and show off your creations whilst still ensuring that they make it home in a mess free edible state. Click the link below to see more color options.

Single Pink Cupcake Boxes with Window packs of 10

These boxes below have stolen my heart. So gorgeously pretty that although they are far less economical than the plain boxes shown above I still hanker after them for my daughter’s next birthday party and am currently brainstorming building a themed party around them. The thing about using a box as beautiful as these ones is that they can actually take the place of a treat bag as they are so pretty. So although they aren’t terribly cheap, they may actually work out fairly economical in the end.

Meri Meri Cupcake Box Patisserie, Small 4-Pack

As seen above these cupcake boxes are just so delicately perfect that they would be ideal not only for a young girls birthday but also for a garden party, a 60th or any occasion that required something sophisticated and lovely. These are the kind of thing that make my heart sing just because they are so much prettier than they need to be just to do their job. Beauty for its own sake, something there should be more of in the modern world.

Meri Meri Cupcake Box Toile, Small 4-Pack

This striped cupcake box is another perfectly lovely sophisticated option. I used this recently in a garden party in the park party that we organised for a ten year old girl. The girls were thrilled with their little boxes and they caused much excited shrieking amongst the girls.

Meri Meri Cupcake Box Blue Striped, Small 4-Pack

Finally, just because it’s gorgeous, have a look at this very lovely garden party. The perfect inspiration for all things cupcake related….

Cupcake boxes

Cupcake Heaven

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