Giant Cupcake Cake

I don’t know about you, but I love cupcakes. Really love them. Can’t get enough of those gorgeously decorated, little pieces of perfection. So a Giant Cupcake? That has to be even better, right?

I had never seen any of these amazing cakes until a birthday party that my daughter attended recently. It was an amazing party, a garden party in the family’s beautiful old home with wraparound verandahs. The kind of home and the kind of party of which dreams are made.

Following a beautiful afternoon tea, the host brought out the cake. And oh my goodness, what a cake. Not only was it a giant cupcake, but it was the most beautifully decorated giant cupcake I have ever seen. Not content with just having a slice, although believe me, I did have one, I spent much of my time trying to work out how they’d made it. Arriving home later I did some research, research that I’ll share with you now.

Firstly, little did I know, but you can purchase giant cupcake cake pans. Like normal cake pans they are in the shape of a giant cupcake. I have actually bought a couple of these Giant cupcake pans (I told you I was slightly obsessed!) and made them to see what works best. The truth is, I think the cakes from these pans work better if you bake them, then sandwich a thick filling through the middle layer to stick them together. This stops them tasting too dry. In my case I use a layer of jam and then a layer of buttercream icing except if I’m making a chocolate cake when I simply add cocoa powder to the buttercream recipe. Another tip is to spray the pan first so that the cake comes out cleanly, I forgot to do this my first time and it wasn’t a great success.

Have a look at these cake pans to give you an idea of the kind of thing I am talking about. You can choose different shapes, sizes and styles depending on which cake you prefer to make. Clicking the images will take you to the websites selling them so you can see dimensions, prices etc. if you want one yourself.

Are you looking for decorating ideas? Take a look at some of the most gorgeous pictures below. Don’t they look fantastic?

Courtesy of American Candy Stand Cupcakes (Aust) on Flickr

Giant Ponies Cupcake by American Candy Stand Cupcakes (Aust)

Courtesy of American candy stand (Aust) on Flickr

If you are thinking of making a giant cupcake birthday cake, this video from Wilton is really useful, giving tips and advice on how to get it exactly right.

It also gives the exact amount of mixture to put into each side of the pan which really makes a difference. It also tells you how to use the giant cupcake pan to make little fairy houses or toadstools!

Below I have listed some other things that you might need in order to make your cake a success, first is some cake release which helps the cake come cleanly out of the pan. Without it, because of the size and shape of the cake it can be tricky to get it out looking perfect.

and, of course, you need a whole lot of icing and sprinkles to make it look fantastic! One thing to remember is that this cake is very large. So if you are making your own buttercream icing you probably need to make a double or a triple batch in order to have enough to cover it all. Alternatively, if you are using a product like Betty Crocker (the one my children love) then you probably need at least three tubs, especially if you will be piping. The great thing about this is that if you find you do have too much, it does store well in the fridge or in the unopened container. Click on the images to be taken to a website where you can buy these items in bulk at a discount.

Wilton Animals and Stars 6 Mix Sprinkle Assortment

I hope you have as much fun making your giant cupcake cake as we have!

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