Hannah Montana Birthday Party!

Hannah Montana Birthday PartyEarlier in the year I hosted a fabulous Hannah Montana birthday party for my nine year old.  It took a lot of organisation but was enormous fun.. and she tells me it was THE best birthday party ever!

I spent so much time searching for the perfect items that I thought I would round up all the things I found into one place so that you can find the perfect things for your party.

The first thing that I should say is that if you are time poor and just want to make this easy on yourself this is one theme where you really can do that… There are whole kits that you can literally unbox and do no extra theming – and guess what- the birthday boy or girl will be just as happy! Alternatively if you have more time there is a vast array of items to personalise your Hannah Montana birthday party too.

I should point out that often on this page I just put a picture of the item without stating where I got it. This is just to keep the flow of the page going and avoid clutter. If you click on anything you are interested in, where to buy information should pop up…

The best complete kit that I discovered was:










Hannah Montana Party Supplies Super Party Kit from Amazon.com

If however, like me you want a little more control over the theming of your party the following should help. Firstly, the invitations. Again, there are many, many Hannah Montana themed invitations on amazon if you are after something quick and easy. In my experience the adults aren’t so keen on the Disney merchandise version but the kids love them!

Hannah Montana birthday party invitations
Hannah Montana Invitations

Because I was a little overwhelmed with the whole pre-made official theming that my daughter was keen on, the invitations we got were not actually Hannah Montana ones- between us we chose these instead:

Pink Party Invitations
Pink Purse Invitations

Which were a great compromise between enough pink for my little lady and enough style to keep her mother happy! I actually bought way too many of these, but that will work out just fine as I will keep them for my younger daughter’s party next year. I figure they are pretty versatile..

Next up was the theming of our home. For our table we chose a bright pink table cover like this one (and it was cheap too, which meant I could wrap it up and dump it after the party which was lucky!) I literally folded it into the centre with all the mess and half eaten food inside and put it straight into the trash! Perfect!- click the pictures for where to buy information…With small children I find that although beautiful fabrics look wonderful they don’t last long so for groups of excited children brightly colored plastic is usually the best way to go.

For those of you that prefer a little more Hannah Theming however, how about these alternatives:

Hannah Montana party tablecloth

I had visions in my mind for this Hannah Montana party of a delicately pretty table with lime green and pink partyware. However, it seems my daughter had other ideas and as I am no match for the Disney machine we ended up with printed tableware!

If I’d had the choice I would have picked something more like these rather fabulous numbers. Ok, so they’re plastic- but they look great and are very budget friendly too! Click on the images of any you are interested in for where to buy information

Hot Pink Plastic 8 oz. Margarita Glasses (20)

Fresh Lime (Lime Green) Dinner Plates (24)
Candy Pink (Hot Pink) Lunch Napkins (50)

If, like me, your daughter insists on the official Disney table ware, Amazon stock the full range:

So, you’ve decorated the table, you have your party ware, what about the rest of the room? Check out this fantastic bunting… I used this at my party (only the pink one) and it looked utterly gorgeous! It made the whole room just a little bit prettier somehow…

Pink Fabric Bunting (1)

I also think a few pink crepe paper streamers could really help to liven up a room, We didn’t have these as we held our party in mid summer so the fans would have blown them away, but I think they could really look wonderful strung from the middle of the room out to each corner with a disco ball in the very centre:

Pink Crepe paper
Pink crepe streamers

The one thing that my daughter loved more than anything else about her birthday was her disco ball pinata…. I wasn’t sure.. I thought perhaps by her age the children were a little big and perhaps they would no longer enjoy a pinata. How wrong was I! Not only was it a great ending to the fun and games it was also a great decor piece…

Disco Ball Pull-String Pinata

Disco Ball Pull-String Pinata

Of course, if you don’t want a pinata at your party there are plenty of disco balls that aren’t pinatas too!

Disco Ball Baby!

The other hugely important part of your party is the cake. Oh the cake. If you aren’t somebody who likes to bake or you are simply short of time putting an edible cake topper onto a plain white or pink shop bought cake is a great way to get a Hannah Montana themed cake. This cake topper below is edible and will thrill your child:

Hannah Montana Rock Star Edible Cake Image

For those of you that love to bake their child’s cake, check out these cake pans from Wilton.. Clicking on the images will take you to where to buy information…

There is also a matching Wilton Hannah Montana Icing Color Set on Amazon.com, although any themed icing colors would work just fine…. In fact the colors for Hannah Montana change regularly as they update the merchandise- we went for lime green and hot pink, but blue and even black and yellow have also formed the basis for Hannah Montana ranges in recent years. So, think about what your birthday girl would like the best and work with that.

As well as these great cake molds I thought I would show you some fantastic Hannah Montana cakes that other people have made. I confess, these weren’t made by me, but by other people holding Hannah Montana Parties…. Aren’t they just wonderful for inspiration?

Courtesy of Cakelady JHQ on FLickr

Hannah Montana Party Cake

Courtesy of signature sugarart on Flickr

Hannah Montana guitar cake

Courtesy of ILMO JOE on Flickr

When it came to the Hannah Montana party favor bags my daughter was completely overawed. We took one trip to the store to look for things to put inside and there were just so many. She was almost overcome with all the choice. However, as she had chosen a Hannah Montana disco party as her theme we carefully thought about what should go in.

If you want simple, small plastic bags to use as party favors these ones are official and do the job perfectly…

The ones we ended up using aren’t actually official Hannah Montana party bags… I just loved them as they are so cute! (and at less than $4 for $20 they were a steal too!)
Hot Pink Dot Treat Bags (20)

In view of our Hannah Montana disco theme we put these adorable little disco ball keyrings into the bags… my daughter is very precious about what she gives her friends and her mothers friends are very precious about what they eat so we knew that we couldn’t just fill the bag with candies….

Disco ball key chains

Depending on the age of your little guests you may or may not be able to get away with cosmetics. My daughter knew the parents of all her guests well (most of them are my friends!) so we were comfortable putting in these little lip glosses- I’m not sure we could have got away with nail polish though…. we have to remember everyone’s carpets!

One thing every party guest loves to take home is balloons. My daughter wanted lime green and pink balloons to match her theme and I was lucky enough to find these. I actually bought a canister of helium to blow them up. Top tip… if you have ceiling fans find somewhere to store your helium balloons that is away from the fans!

pink balloons

Finally, I just wanted to say that I hope you have a wonderful party. If you have any great ideas or images that you would love to share please either use the comment box or the contact us form… I would love to know how your party goes!





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