Kitten Birthday Party Invitations

My daughter is currently obsessed with kittens. Not just getting a kitten (we got one two years ago and it grew up – now she wants another one – argh!) but also with decorating her bedroom with kittens and with “kittenising” her whole life. From pencil cases to bedding to stationery, everything in her life at the moment needs to have a kitten on it to be acceptable.

And so to her birthday party. She wants a kitten party. Never mind that her birthday is several months away, she wants to start planning now. Given my own interest in all things party related I had a quick sneak around the internet and found some very cute kitten invitations that I will share with you below. Just don’t tell my daughter!

Firstly, my children (obviously) adore Rachael Hale and her images will always be number one with my kids. Fortunately, there is barely a product that hasn’t been Rachael Haled in some form or another and Invitations are no different. Your only decision is whether to go with a personalized version or the standard form for your party. The personalized ones are about double the prices of normal ones, but obviously do make a great keepsake.

rachaelhale Glamour Cats Personalized Invitations (8)

rachaelhale Glamour Cats Invitations (8)

Alternatively, if you are looking for something a little less fluffy than the Rachael Hale ones (although not much, these are kitten invitations after all!) take a look at these alternatives which are also very, very cute..

Cuddly Kitten Invitation Pop – up 8pc

Pink Kitten Party Invitations – Set of 8 Cards & Envelopes

There is also a huge range of kitten partyware available if you want a full kitten themed party.

In the meantime I’m making my daughter make do with a huge pile of free printable kitten coloring pages in the hope that that will placate her until her birthday FINALLY comes around!

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