Mickey and Minnie Cupcake Toppers

Hi everyone,

Today I was doing some research for a party that I am organising with a Mickey and Minnie theme. After thinking about a cupcake tree as a birthday cake, the mother of the child involved asked me to come up with some options.

Firstly I found these fantastic Mickey and Minnie Mouse cupcake toppers; aren’t they adorable?! These would be perfect for Mickey and Minnie birthday cupcakes or for someone who is having a Mickey and Minnie themed wedding (and you’d be amazed just how many of those there are!)

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Cupcake Rings Toppers

Next up, I found a Mickey Mouse cupcake tree. This actually comes in two colors. Clicking on the image will take you to the site where you can check pricing and look at alternative color options. (There is a gorgeous blue too!)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cupcake Stand

Of course some people prefer a larger cake to a cupcake tree- it certainly gives the opportunity for larger decorations. An example is this great kit below. Great for a summer birthday it has a surf theme that will suit both boys and girls and it cool enough that older kids will love it too.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Surf Cake Kit

To be honest the Mickey and Minnie Theme has such an abundance of supplies that you can find almost anything that you want. They even have Mickey shaped Cake Pans.

Check out the full range of Mickey and Minnie mouse cake supplies here

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