Giant Cupcake Cake

Giant Cupcake pan

I don’t know about you, but I love cupcakes. Really love them. Can’t get enough of those gorgeously decorated, little pieces of perfection. So a Giant Cupcake? That has to be even better, right? I had never seen any of these amazing cakes until a birthday party that my daughter attended recently. It was an [...] Read more »

Disco Party For Kids

When kids get to a certain age, particularly for girls, they often dream of a disco party. With a disco party for kids however, you really need to find the right party supplies to set the tone. Adults love a 1970s disco party, but kids generally have something a little different in mind. So how [...] Read more »

Hannah Montana Birthday Party!

Earlier in the year I hosted a fabulous Hannah Montana birthday party for my nine year old.  It took a lot of organisation but was enormous fun.. and she tells me it was THE best birthday party ever! I spent so much time searching for the perfect items that I thought I would round up [...] Read more »

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