Giant Cupcake Cake

I don’t know about you, but I love cupcakes. Really love them. Can’t get enough of those gorgeously decorated, little pieces of perfection. So a Giant Cupcake? That has to be even better, right?

I had never seen any of these amazing cakes until a birthday party that my daughter attended recently. It was an amazing party, a garden party in the family’s beautiful old home with wraparound verandahs. The kind of home and the kind of party of which dreams are made.

Following a beautiful afternoon tea, the host brought out the cake. And oh my goodness, what a cake. Not only was it a giant cupcake, but it was the most beautifully decorated giant cupcake I have ever seen. Not content with just having a slice, although believe me, I did have one, I spent much of my time trying to work out how they’d made it. Arriving home later I did some research, research that I’ll share with you now.

Firstly, little did I know, but you can purchase giant cupcake cake pans. Like normal cake pans they are in the shape of a giant cupcake. I have actually bought a couple of these Giant cupcake pans (I told you I was slightly obsessed!) and made them to see what works best. The truth is, I think the cakes from these pans work better if you bake them, then sandwich a thick filling through the middle layer to stick them together. This stops them tasting too dry. In my case I use a layer of jam and then a layer of buttercream icing except if I’m making a chocolate cake when I simply add cocoa powder to the buttercream recipe. Another tip is to spray the pan first so that the cake comes out cleanly, I forgot to do this my first time and it wasn’t a great success.

Have a look at these cake pans to give you an idea of the kind of thing I am talking about. You can choose different shapes, sizes and styles depending on which cake you prefer to make. Clicking the images will take you to the websites selling them so you can see dimensions, prices etc. if you want one yourself.

Are you looking for decorating ideas? Take a look at some of the most gorgeous pictures below. Don’t they look fantastic?

Courtesy of American Candy Stand Cupcakes (Aust) on Flickr

Giant Ponies Cupcake by American Candy Stand Cupcakes (Aust)

Courtesy of American candy stand (Aust) on Flickr

If you are thinking of making a giant cupcake birthday cake, this video from Wilton is really useful, giving tips and advice on how to get it exactly right.

It also gives the exact amount of mixture to put into each side of the pan which really makes a difference. It also tells you how to use the giant cupcake pan to make little fairy houses or toadstools!

Below I have listed some other things that you might need in order to make your cake a success, first is some cake release which helps the cake come cleanly out of the pan. Without it, because of the size and shape of the cake it can be tricky to get it out looking perfect.

and, of course, you need a whole lot of icing and sprinkles to make it look fantastic! One thing to remember is that this cake is very large. So if you are making your own buttercream icing you probably need to make a double or a triple batch in order to have enough to cover it all. Alternatively, if you are using a product like Betty Crocker (the one my children love) then you probably need at least three tubs, especially if you will be piping. The great thing about this is that if you find you do have too much, it does store well in the fridge or in the unopened container. Click on the images to be taken to a website where you can buy these items in bulk at a discount.

Wilton Animals and Stars 6 Mix Sprinkle Assortment

I hope you have as much fun making your giant cupcake cake as we have!

Mickey and Minnie Cupcake Toppers

Hi everyone,

Today I was doing some research for a party that I am organising with a Mickey and Minnie theme. After thinking about a cupcake tree as a birthday cake, the mother of the child involved asked me to come up with some options.

Firstly I found these fantastic Mickey and Minnie Mouse cupcake toppers; aren’t they adorable?! These would be perfect for Mickey and Minnie birthday cupcakes or for someone who is having a Mickey and Minnie themed wedding (and you’d be amazed just how many of those there are!)

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Cupcake Rings Toppers

Next up, I found a Mickey Mouse cupcake tree. This actually comes in two colors. Clicking on the image will take you to the site where you can check pricing and look at alternative color options. (There is a gorgeous blue too!)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cupcake Stand

Of course some people prefer a larger cake to a cupcake tree- it certainly gives the opportunity for larger decorations. An example is this great kit below. Great for a summer birthday it has a surf theme that will suit both boys and girls and it cool enough that older kids will love it too.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Surf Cake Kit

To be honest the Mickey and Minnie Theme has such an abundance of supplies that you can find almost anything that you want. They even have Mickey shaped Cake Pans.

Check out the full range of Mickey and Minnie mouse cake supplies here

Disco Party For Kids

When kids get to a certain age, particularly for girls, they often dream of a disco party. With a disco party for kids however, you really need to find the right party supplies to set the tone. Adults love a 1970s disco party, but kids generally have something a little different in mind. So how can you create a fantastic disco party for your child? Read on… For details or where to buy information of the items listed please click on the images.

The first thing to consider is the venue. Disco parties can be fairly easy to have at home because all you need to do is clear out a large room, find a stereo and some lights, close the curtains- and hey it’s a disco! However if you aren’t keen on having a disco party at your home, many local halls can be hired quite cheaply for discos and they often know of discos or djs that can set your party on fire too!

The first thing to consider for a disco is the disco party invitations. These fully customisable invitations below are a great way of setting the tone for the party. Be sure to let people know that it’s disco dress! Click the image for where to buy information.

Party! invitation
Party! by TLArnold6
Join one of the largest artist affiliate programs

Next up you need decorations. With most discos the room will be at least partially darkened so it is all about the disco ball and the disco lights. If you are hiring a professional disco then they often bring their own disco lights so there may be nothing for you to do. If however you are hosting a more DIY disco party there are lots of options to consider that might work well for you. When it comes to choosing the level of lighting remember that for children under ten years you probably don’t want it too dark as some may (secretly) still be afraid of the dark. Older children and teenagers will probably prefer a more darkened room, however.

One thing that often goes down well at birthday parties too is a karaoke machine. Bear in mind though that you need to let your child guide you in the choice of music. If the children don’t know the music they won’t enjoy it nearly as much.

disco partySinging Machine SML-390 Disco Lights CDG Karaoke System – SML-390

When thinking about music the obvious choice is that it should be upbeat and funky, something that the kids can dance to. A disco party for kids just wouldn’t be the same if there weren’t any kids dancing. So whilst it is a great idea to have some disco songs to really get things going it’s also a good idea to create a compilation of upbeat, danceable music that your child and their friends know really well. If they hear a song that they know and love they are more likely to dance! Remember too that children have short memories and often like to dance to what they are hearing on the radio now.

So, you have your venue, your music and your decorations…. but what about food? If you plan to serve food, try and make it small bite size pieces. When children are hot and sweaty from dancing they may welcome the chance to stop and have a rest but they are just as likely not to and to decide that they are having too much fun to eat! One thing I have found with hosting a disco party for kids is that you need to supply a lot more drinks than you imagine. Kids really go for it when they are dancing, and in order to keep them properly hydrated you need to make sure that you have plenty for them to drink.

Firstly, set the tone of your food table with this fantastic centerpiece:

Disco Party Prismatic Centerpiece

How about these fantastic disco cups. These come pre-approved by my own daughter! Make sure that you buy plenty because children tend to get very thirsty at a disco party if they are dancing.

There are also matching plates. Even if you are only serving birthday cake or finger food at your party it is still a good idea to have plates for your guests to use. Bear in mind that if you plan to serve the food at a different time to the cake you might need two plates per guest.

If you want to make things easier for yourself there are some fantastic party packs that come with everything that you need for your food and table setting all in one convenient pack. This deluxe party pack below includes 16 Disco Dancer Lunch Plates, 16 Disco Dancer Lunch Napkins, 16 Disco Dancer Paper Cups, 2 Disco Dancer Plastic Tablecover 54 x 102, 16 Plastic Kiwi Forks, 16 Plastic Kiwi Spoons, 16 Plastic Kiwi Knives, 16 Disco Party Invitations, 3 Disco Ball Cutout, 1 Disco Prismatic Letter Banner, 2 Disco Die Cut Prismatic Centerpiece, 20 Kiwi Balloons, 1 White Curling Ribbon 66ft, 1 Apple Green Crepe Streamer 81ft, 1 Bright Royal Blue Crepe Streamer 81ft, 1 Disco Metallic Confetti, 1 Disco Square Bowl. What more could you possibly need!

Disco party for kids

Disco Deluxe Party Kit

Every kids party needs party favor bags and a disco party for kids is no different. These fantastic Disco themed bags are only 99c each and are perfect for putting party favors in. They come in 10x4x6 inch size and are a great reusable reminder of your party.

Large Disco Totebag Each

Looking for great disco party favors to put into your disco bags? How about these disco ball necklaces. These are great fun for your guests and will help them to continue their disco fever long after your disco party is finished.

These disco ball keychains are another great disco party favor. Children love to attach key chains to their school bags or sport bags and these are sure to be a hit with kids everywhere.

Disco Ball Keychains (8)

Want something really special for your birthday boy or girl? These flashing LED disco patches for t shirts will give your child an amazing disco outfit for their party. It comes with a washable velcro patch on the back that allows it to be attached to any piece of clothing. Sound activated, it flashes differently when you talk or when you are at a disco party.

Have a fantastic disco party!

Remember these when you were a child and how much you loved them? The good news is that they are still around and that the younger generation still love them too! The only tip I would have about these is that they are great fun, but to purchase a couple of spares. In my experience children break these fairly swiftly dancing around in them, and it’s a good idea to have spares to prevent any tears.

Whether or not you keep these bracelets for your favor bags or decide to let the kids have them to have fun with is up to you. Either way there is nothing that children love more than these glowing bracelets. Just bear in mind that they probably aren’t a great idea if the children at your party are very young as they could leak if bitten or chewed. Great fun for older kids though and they will help light up your disco party.

Pink Favor Boxes

Are you looking for pink party boxes?

Below are some of the prettiest pink favor boxes around. Whether you want plain pink favor boxes, pink wedding favor boxes or simply some gorgeous favor boxes for your little girl’s birthday party we have the perfect treat boxes for you.
Firstly, look at this beautiful asian style pink favor box (click the image for where to buy information)

These are perfect for any style of party or celebration from a childrens birthday parties to a sophisticated adult soiree. Made of a semi gloss paper they look high quality and are the perfect size for treats or party favors. With a strong metal handle they look just like a more sophisticated version of real take out boxes.

Pink Gingham Boxes

These gorgeous boxes are so cute, perfect for sweet little girls. A sweet pastel pink gingham style they could go with almost any style of party with a pink theme. Perfect also for popping in a slice of cake, or sending with your child on a picnic or other outing.

Pink Gingham Empty Favor Boxes (4)

Bright Pink Favor Boxes

Do you want a favor box that is bold and colorful? Then this is the box for you. Not only is it the perfect size for party favors or to fill with treats for a lucky someone but it comes in gorgeous bright colors too that will help to brighten up any celebration! A bold, bright pink with vibrant purple spots these gorgeous boxes will go with any pink or purple themed party. Not only that but they are a great price too!

Pink with Purple Big Dots Empty Favor Boxes (4)

Romantic Party Favor Boxes

These beautiful pink favor boxes come with a heart shaped window and are the perfect favor box for any romantic situation. Whether you are having an engagement party or a wedding these favor boxes will be gorgeously romantic. Each packet comes with 25 boxes ready for your guests to enjoy. Perfect filled with pretty treats that you can view through the acetate window.

Have a wonderful celebration!

Disney Cars Party Decorations

Following on from the popularity of my post on Cars 2 birthday party invitations I thought I would also post some cars party decorations to help you get your party going with a swing.

For those of you that want to keep things nice and simple, this kit from online retailer Shindigz is perfect as you get everything that you need in one easy pack. It includes tableware as well as decorations so that your party is fully themed with the Cars 2 theme.

Disney® Cars 2 Kit N Kaboodle Disney Cars 2 Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit

Disney® Cars 2 Kit N Kaboodle Disney Cars 2 Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit

Of course if you are looking Cars 2 dinner plates, dessert plates, tablecovers, napkins, cups, balloons, table centerpieces, party favors, invitations, thank you cards or other Cars 2 items you can also buy them separately and I have the very best of them sourced from all over the internet listed below.

Starting with the decorations the Cars 2 decorations will look great hanging from the ceiling of your party room.

Disney Cars 2 Danglers Pkg/3

Don’t forget the cars balloons either! Cars balloons will help to make sure that your party goes with a bang and are great for kids to take home as an additional party favor. You can choose between foil balloons (which are more expensive but last longer,) or latex balloons which are much cheaper and still give the room a bright and cheerful look.

How fantastic are these pinatas? Guaranteed to be a hit with little ones you can fill them with favors, sweets, lollies, or even small cars to make your party a huge hit.

Not sure what to do with your table? How about a red table cloth with a grey road painted down the middle? Alternatively how about this fantastic centrepiece maybe placed on top of a red tablecloth (Disposable is easiest as you can sweep the plates and things into the bin with all of the mess at the end of the party.) Alternatively, by using Cars plates and cars themed tableware your party may already have enough car themed merchandise on it.

Disney Cars 2 Centerpiece Each

Disney Cars 2 Centerpiece Each

Cars 2 Party Supplies Image

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